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Directed & Shot by: Faye Tsakas & Enrique Pedraza Botero
2022; RT 15 min; Digital Video


A group of young men in Montgomery, Texas forgo college to support themselves as “Masters” in the world of online Financial Domination, where thousands of paying clients consent to relinquishing control over their finances. Through the course of one night, the film alternates between the online world and observational moments, weaving between vignettes of virtual, live-streamed sessions, and cam shows in which anonymous participants engage in consensual erotic labor. Alpha Kings explores the dichotomy between these “Masters” and their true private selves, drawing on themes of desire, masculinity, sexuality, power, and performance. In a current social-political climate in which the American Dream seems far-fetched, the film’s subjects grapple with uncertainty about the future, their place in society, and the value of their work.

World Premiere: International Film Festival Rotterdam, 2023
North American Premiere: True/False Film Festival, 2023
Palm Spring ShortFest, 2023
Rooftop Films Summer Series, 2023
Camden International Film Festival, 2023

American Film Institute (AFI) Festival, 2023
Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Market Pick, 2023
Museum of the Moving Image, 2023 New Adventures in Non-Fiction
IndieLisboa International Competition, 2023
Athens International Film & Video Festival, 2023

Kurzfilm Hamburg Short Film Festival, 2023  
Winnipeg Underground Film Festival, 2023
Tabor Film Festival, 2023
Syncro Buenos Aires, 2023
New/Next Fest Balimore, 2023
Chicago Underground Film Festival, 2023,
Roackaway Film Festival, 2023
Venice Film Week, 2023 
Les Mains Gauches, 2023
Festival Nouveau Cinema, 2023
Nashville Film Festival, 2023
Film Fest Gent, 2023
Denver Film Fest, 2023
Drunken Film Festival Oakland, 2023,
New Filmmakers Los Angeles, 2023
International Film Festival of Valladolid (Seminci), 2023
New Filmmakers New York, 2023
Kurzfilmfestival Köln, 2023
DC/Dox, 2023

Kurzfilm Hamburg, Short Film Prize, 2023
AFI Fest, Special Jury Mention for Social Commentary, 2023
Venice Film Week, Best Documentary Short Film Award, 2023
Drunken Film Festival Oakland, Best Documentary Award, 2023
Chicago Undergraound Film Festival, Honorable Mention, 2023


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Master Dax
Master Hercules
Master Robert
King Jess
Jolie Daspit
Skylar Breann

Consulting Producer
Stefan Weinberger

Production Assistant
Jolie Daspit
Directed & Shot by:
Faye Tsakas & Enrique Pedraza Botero

Produced & Edited By:
Faye Tsakas & Enrique Pedraza Botero

Made with the support of:
Pacific Pioneer Fund

Produced in the Documentary Film M.F.A. Program
Department of Art & Art History
Stanford University

Faculty Advisor
Jamie Meltzer

Technical Support
Srdan Keca
Frank Floyd

Sound Mix
Dan Olmsted

Color Grading
Robert Arnold

Post Sound Assistance
Sruti Visweswaran