A Private View:  Chase Hall

Episodic Documentary

Episode in the Private View series presented by Nowness: an intimate look at Chase Halls’s art practice and personal story, detailing his exploration of biraciality in the context of Western portraiture.

"Being invited into Chase’s practice—watching him mix color, create with pigment, pour coffee on canvas was completely transfixing," say Nora Deligter and Faye Tsakas, the directors of this episode of Private View." His work speaks as urgently to his own live experience as it does to great American narratives, past and present.

Directed, Edited, Produced by: Faye Tsakas & Nora DeLigter
Cinematography: Stefan Weinberger & Faye Tsakas
Music: James Brandon Lewis
Color: Ben Neufeld
Sound Mix: Ted Feldman
Sound Design: Zach Seman
Film Processing and Scan: Metropolis NYC
Special Thanks: Richard DeLigter & Eliot Barnes

Ardbeg Whiskey  //  
TCO London

Brand Campaign- Episodic Doc
Directed an episode with Nora DeLigter for TCO Agency in a series commissioned by Ardbeg Whiskey highlighting three comic book artists in their respective studios in Caruña, North Carolina & New York. The artists were commissioned to come up with an original idea inspired by one of Ardbeg’s three whiskey flavors.

Directed by: Faye Tsakas & Nora DeLigter
Featuring: Ron Wimberly
Cinematography: Stefan Weinberger & Faye Tsakas
Creative Lead: Adam Woodward
Account Manager: Zoe Woodham
Head of Production: Josh Hillman
Producer: Sabrina May
Sound: Boris Krichevsky

Production Assistance: Leo Lopez

Saturday Night - John Errol

Music Video 
Nostalgic and longing, “Saturday Night” rolls out like a recollection of the past to mirror the ways in which we rebuild
history in our minds



LoQ Footwear Commerical Series 

A short series of brand videos for LoQ Footwear


Directors: Nora DeLigter & Faye Tsakas
Director of Photography: Faye Tsakas
Models: Aisha Colindres & Nora DeLigter
Executive Producer: Gabi Zecchetto
Music by: Graham Corrigan
Editing by: Rafe Scobey-Thal
Production Assistant: Stefan Weinberger

Safe & Well

Editorial, Experimental Short
“Directors Faye Tsakas and Nora DeLigter shot this new short film for today’s exclusive NAKID feature editorial titled ‘Safe & Well’. Shot on 16mm film, the film is a satirical examination of the language of wellness set within the context of our “stay at home” confinement.

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